Non-associative algebras are an important field of research, the most well known examples are Lie algebras and Jordan algebras. A newly-introduced example are the evolution algebras. Such algebras have emerged to enlighten the study of non-Mendelian genetics. From a mathematical point of view, the study of the genetic inheritance began in 1856 with the works by Mendel. The denomination genetic algebra was coined to denote those algebras that model inheritance in genetics,  and non-associative algebras are the appropriate framework to study Mendelian genetics. 

In the last years, many  different aspects of the theory of evolution algebras have seen considered and many connections with other mathematical fields, such as graph theory, stochastic processes, group theory, dynamic systems, mathematical physics, etc are stablished.

The aim of this event is to bring together researchers, working with non-associative algebras and more specifically in evolution algebras, to share the latest results and challenges in these fields.



Confirmed Speakers


  • María Inez Cardoso (U. Santa Catarina)
  • Cristina Draper Fontanals (U. Málaga)
  • Raúl Falcón Ganfornina (U. Sevilla)
  • Cristóbal Gil Canto (U. Málaga)
  • Alberto Márquez Pérez  (U. Sevilla)
  • Cándido Martín González (U. Málaga)
  • Bakhrom Omirov (U. Uzbequistán)
  • Irene Paniello Alastruey (U. P. de Navarra)
  • María Victoria Velasco Collado (U. Granada) 




The research school will be held in the Room 0.26 of the Escuela de Ingenierías Industriales in Málaga.

You can download the program from here.




We have 5 grants to support students who belong to the Network of Non Commutativa Algebra. They will be accepted in order of inscription. This funding will pay for travel costs and accommodation with a limit of up 500 €. Should you wish to be considered for this,  please simplindicate this on your register form or contact one of the organisers. Moreover you need to indicate which group you belong within the Network in the form.




Important Dates

Registration Deadline

12 October 2018




  • Department of Algebra, Geometry and Topology
  • Department of Applied Mathematic 



  • Project  MTM2016-76328-C3-1-P
  • Project MTM2016-76328-C3-2-P
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